Designers at the Forefront of Circular Transition

The Mikser Talks conference program of the Mikser Festival 2024 proudly opens with the launch of the new EU-funded project Next Gen Design, a three-year program of lectures and presentations to upskill, inspire and encourage the design sector — particularly young designers — to create, adopt and disseminate green and sustainable design that contributes to the European Green Deal.

Five prominent European design platforms and annual festivals collaborate on this ambitious agenda: Barcelona Design Week, designaustria in collaboration with Vienna Design Week, What Design Can Do from Amsterdam, Skopje Design Week and Mikser Festival from Belgrade. The project’s primary objective is integrating an innovative educational platform into official design festival programs. Next Gen Design catalyzes promoting and educating on green and sustainable design, aligning with the goals of the European Green Deal. Through a blend of physical and digital events, the project elevates design festivals to new heights, maximizing participant engagement and awareness of circular design. 

At the Mikser Talks Opening Ceremony, we will present the Next Gen Design platform to the audience of young design professionals and explain in detail how they can join the Next Gen Design three-year program through open calls, surveys, residencies, exhibitions, and the most important – educational activities that will inspire meaningful change in the design sector and industry towards circular economy models.  

Next Gen Design Kick-off is supported by the participation of Plamena Halacheva, Deputy Chief of European Delegation to Serbia, whose keynote speech at the opening ceremony focuses on the crucial role that the innovativeness of the design sector plays in achieving a circular economy, but also the importance of engaging with and listening to the voices of EU youth, who will be the main protagonists of our greener future. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to get inspired by and to be a part of the exciting journey that Next Gen Design is about to embark on. Mark your calendars for the Mikser Talks opening ceremony and get ready to be a part of the conversation that will shape the future of design and sustainability in the EU! 

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Plamena Halačeva, EU Delegacija

Maja Lalić, Mikser Organizacija

Dorćol Platz - main hall

23. May


Plamena Halacheva
EU Delegation

Maja Lalić