Building places and communities in the wilderness

Keynote lecture: 

Architecture for Wilderness

Ivan Juretić, architect [Croatia]

Ivan Juretić, an architect from Croatia, will deliver the keynote lecture exploring the intersection of architecture and wilderness. Juretić’s work focuses on designing structures that blend seamlessly with natural environments, creating spaces that enhance the wilderness experience while minimizing impact. Through his projects, he aims to foster a deeper connection between people and the natural world

Following the keynote, Juretić will join Boro Marić, the founder of the Visitor Center Pecka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for a panel discussion moderated by Nikola Radeljković, a passionate hiker, industrial designer, and member of the Numen/ForUse collective from Croatia. The panel will delve into the challenges and opportunities of building places and communities in the wilderness. 

Marić’s Visitor Center Pecka serves as a gateway to the surrounding wilderness, providing visitors with information, resources, and a starting point for their adventures. The center’s design and programming aim to promote sustainable tourism and foster a sense of stewardship for the natural environment.

Radeljković will guide the discussion, drawing on his experiences as a hiker and designer to explore the role of architecture and community in shaping our relationship with wilderness. The panel will address topics such as minimizing the impact of human presence in wilderness areas, creating spaces that encourage exploration and learning, and building communities that support and protect the natural environment. 

The event will conclude with a Q&A session, allowing the audience to engage directly with the speakers and explore the ideas presented in more depth. The discussion will aim to inspire attendees to consider their own roles in building places and communities that support and protect wilderness areas for generations to come. 


Ivan Juretić, architect, alpinist and carpenter [Croatia]

Boro Marić, founder of the Visitor Center Pecka [Bosnia and Herzegovina]


Nikola Radeljković, hiker, industrial designer, Numen/ForUse [Croatia] 

Dorćol Platz - main hall

24. May

11.45 -12.45

Ivan Juretić
architect, alpinist and carpenter `{`Croatia`}`

Boro Marić
founder of the Visitor Center Pecka `{`Bosnia and Herzegovina`}`

Nikola Radeljković
hiker, industrial designer, Numen/ForUse `{`Croatia`}`