The success story of Nico Less chair by Donar

Matej Feguš is a Slovenian entrepreneur and innovator, whose commitment to circular economy has resulted in the successful and internationally recognized manufacturing company Donar which follows the Cradle-to-Cradle model with design thinking (double-diamond) principles and focuses on design management. 

Within the Next Gen Design educational program at Mikser Festival, Feguš will share insights into the company’s vision for a circular economy and showcase Donar’s design as a response to the overwhelming growth of consumerism, designing out waste and pollution. Rather than being limited to aesthetics, the company focuses on products’ social and environmental impact, designed to be restorative and regenerative by design. Products that show best practice are NicoLess, ChatLoop, and Collodi, all made from recycled felt (PES), using waste as an industrial material of the future.

The Donar process keeps in mind the objective of the EU’s 7th Environment Action Programme and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The company received numerous awards for their contribution to circular design, including Red Dot Award 2029, Green Product Award in 2018, the Circular Design of the Year Award in 2019, and many more.

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Dorćol Platz - main hall

23. May