Providing essential solutions for the transformation of the industries and key support for the education and engagement of local communities

Climate change represents the biggest challenge of our time and requires joint and decisive action from all segments of our society, while the ecological crisis requires the implementation of a comprehensive ecological transition in all sectors, including culture.

In the context of the increased need to raise the level of environmental awareness in society, the cultural and creative sector can provide key support for the education and transformation of local communities. Art can often convey the principles of sustainability more simply and effectively than any political speech. On the other hand, the creativity, innovation and propensity for experimentation inherent in art, design, and architecture can find new ways to make the circular economy a reality.

Topics: The role of the cultural and creative sector in strengthening the green transition in Europe; Green Deal as one of the priorities in EU financing of the cultural and creative sector; Innovativeness of the cultural and creative sector in the context of the Green Deal (examples of projects from Serbia)


Antoine Avignon, EU Delegation

Bojana Selaković, European Convention on the EU

Milan Lučić, British Council

Milica Rašković, Creative Europe Desk

Nenad Radujević, Studio Click, Belgrade Fashion Week



Ana Šilović, expert for culture and European funds (Croatia)

Dorćol Platz - glavna sala

24. maj

11.00 -12.00

Antoine Avignon
EU Delegation

Bojana Selaković
National Convention on the EU

Milan Lučić
British Council

Milica Rašković
Creative Europe Desk

Ana Šilović
stručnjakinja za kulturu i evropske fondove (Hrvatska)

Nenad Radujević
Studio Click, Belgrade Fashion Week