Believe Me, Every Brick Can Ignite Development!

Laura P. Spinadel, an Argentine-Austrian architect, urban planner, writer, and educator, is the principal of BUSarchitektur and BOA office for advanced randomness in Vienna. Known for her holistic approach to architecture, blending technology, art, sociology, and psychology, she gained international recognition for pioneering works like Compact City and Campus WU. Spinadel’s expertise extends to urban planning, exemplified by her pivotal role in the master plan development for the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration campus. Emphasizing the importance of networking and strategic alliances in achieving urban success, she introduced the URBAN MENUS methodology and software, promoting consensual city planning through interactive engagement. Spinadel’s vision highlights the transformative power of knowledge and culture in shaping resilient communities and inspiring sustainable development.

In her lecture titled “Believe Me, Every Brick Can Ignite Development!”, Laura P. Spinadel explores the profound impact of places of knowledge and culture as catalysts for development and transformation. By viewing these spaces as seed interventions for shaping possible futures, Spinadel invites her audience to recognize the intrinsic value of every “brick” in building resilient communities. Through horizontalizing everyday resilience, she advocates for a participatory approach where individuals are encouraged to engage with and contribute to the collective reality puzzle. Spinadel’s compelling insights inspire a reimagining of the role of knowledge and culture in fostering sustainable development and empowering communities to shape their own destinies.

Laura P. Spinadel, architect and innovator, founder of BUSarchitektur [Austria / Argentina]

Dorćol Platz - glavna sala

23. May

16.30 -17.30

Laura P. Spinadel