Communication Office, Design and Urban Thinking Supermarket Lab provides solutions for the intelligent city of the future and develops urban concepts for sustainable urban planning and cultural development.

Supermarket Lab creates across physical borders and spaces and realizes both international projects and initiatives that take place as well in digital as in real environments, creating special concepts for digital communication and applications, art & culture in urban space, urban design, digital transformation, branding environments, internal and external communication for B2B and B2C.

Supermarket Lab is participating in this year’s Mixer Festival through the Black Box competition, which aims to animate the young art scene. This year’s theme “Principle of Hope” invites artists to answer the questions: What kind of future do you want and what are you doing to achieve it? How to overcome skepticism, defeatism, discouragement of the individual and society as a whole? Can your work inspire optimism and move others into action? How would you, with your intervention, turn the observer into an actor and arouse him to think about reality, not necessarily as it is, but as it could be? A word, a sound, a performance, a symbolic sign in space, creating a place of contemplation of the future or a meditative point in nature, a model of your utopia, marking real space with “totems” of hope?