Introduction: Setting the Scene for Holistic City-Making

The Urban Lab introduction session will set the scene for holistic city-making relying on the pillars of sustainability, including the economic, environmental, and social aspects, to provide a holistic framework for urban planning. As the Urban Lab host and the Mikser Festival organizer, architect, and urban planner Maja Lalić will reflect on the need to harmonize the needs of the economy with the natural environment and the citizens, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the built environment and the natural world. The session will announce a showcase of innovative approaches and best practices that prioritize resource efficiency, ecological preservation, and community engagement, ultimately paving the way for cities that are resilient, livable, and in sync with the rhythms of nature and the aspirations of their inhabitants.

Čedo Maksimović, professor Emeritus at the Imperial College London, a decades-long dedicated professional in the field of wastewater management, passionate about breaking the silos thinking on a mission of revitalizing urban nature, and securing the financial effectiveness of water-management systems, will give us an overview of how learning common sense from nature, boosted with top-notch technology can benefit our health, physical and mental well-being.

Having Megha Mukim on board, a World Bank senior staff expert on cities, climate change, and economic development, will empower us to tap into new development possibilities and broaden horizons about the new sustainable development models based on greening our cities. In her latest flagship report – named ‘Thriving’ – she explores how to make cities green, resilient, and inclusive in response to a changing climate. The World Bank is the biggest multilateral financier of urban resilience, and Megha will talk about how we can partner to do more!

Welcome note: Setting the Scene for Holistic City-Making
Maja Lalić, Mikser Association

Opening Session
New Era: Nature-based Solutions (NBS) in Health-driven Urban Development
Prof. Čedo Maksimović, Imperial College London

Keynote address
Economic Benefits of Naturing Cities
Megha Mukim, World Bank

Dereta - main hall

24. maj

9:00 - 9:40

Čedo Maksimović
Imperial College London

Megha Mukim
World Bank

Maja Lalić
Mikser Association