All cities face challenges on their road to re-introducing nature into their cores and public spaces, and root those processes into decisions and preferences expressed through just citizens’ participation.  It is a path of try and fail, and every step can be a lesson for professionals and doers from other cities to learn on someone else’s experience. Good examples can be replicated and further enhanced through open and honest dialogue among professionals and decision-makers in the city hierarchy.

This interactive exhibition will also allow our visitors to participate in a survey by our project’s cluster partners Varcities, and help them implement the NBS strongly rooted in experts’ and citizens’ opinions, needs, and preferences.

The euPOLIS project cluster aims to develop joint strategies and methodologies to help each other, and the experts from other cities also introduce the NBS through citizens’ participation.


This collection of posters and video materials are the lessons that cities learned and an opportunity to join knowledge, experiences, tools, and capacities to make themselves even better, healthier and happier in the future.

Cities. projects and partners to share their experiences:

City of Bogotá

City of Gladsaxe

City of Lodz

City of Palermo

The city of Piraeus

City of Trebinje

The city of Castelfranco Veneto

The city of Chania

City of Dundalk

The city of Gyira

City of Leuven

City Novo mesto

The city of Skelleftea

Yugo cycling campaign

Embassy for Urban Planning

Vertical Farm Institute

Dereta - glavna sala

24. maj

9:00 - 9:40