An interactive multimedia educational tool about climate change.

The Climate Box was designed with the idea of providing students with information about global climate change in an interesting, engaging and fun way, at the same time providing recommendations to teachers and other education experts on how to use the Climate Box within the school curriculum and extracurricular activities.

It is an innovative educational package for preschoolers, primary and secondary school students that will contribute to raising awareness and levels of usable knowledge about climate change and its consequences for the living world on the planet.

The project has been actively implemented in Serbia since 2020, as part of the international pilot project of the United Nations Development Program – (UNDP)created in Russia in 2015. So far, the package has been translated and implemented in seven more countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Serbian adaptation of the textbook takes place within the framework of a project in the field of climate change implemented by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, with technical support from the UNDP and financial support from the Global Environmental Protection Fund (GEF).

The adaptation and development of the Climate Box for the needs of working with children and youth in Serbia has been entrusted to the organizations Ambassadors of Sustainable Development and the Environment, UG Zlatiborski krug and Mikser.

In 2021, a new interactive Climate Box learning web portal was launched (, making all the Climate Box resources available to global audiences. In the period2020-2021, UNDP launched a replication of the Climate Box project in Serbia, when the team consisted of 17 educational and environmental experts, as well as experts for communication and promotion, from three CSOs (Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, Zlatiborski krug and Mikser) provided their knowledge and experience to translate and adapt the Climate box to the situation in Serbia.

The package contains a textbook adapted for teaching children in primary and secondary schools, over 100 quiz cards for interactive knowledge testing, a map-poster of climate change, as well as a special manual for  teachers at different levels of education, from pre-school, primary and secondary levels, with very concrete examples of different programs and plans for subjects, where Climate box can be incorporated.

The package has been translated into Serbian with local examples and descriptions of real conditions and thus adapted to the needs of the domestic education system. The adaptation of the “Climate Package” includes training for lecturers in the field of biology, geography, physics, and environmental protection.

In addition to hiding the most important and sought-after professions of the future in this area, it is necessary to educate new generations in the direction of preserving and regenerating the environment to ensure a healthier, safer and cleaner tomorrow.

As part of the Urban Lab program at Mikser festival, on May 24, 2024, in Prostor Miljenko Dereta, a full-day training session will be organized for teachers from Serbia, who will be presented with work on the improvement and adaptation of the new edition of the Climate Box, with Guidelines for teachers on using the tools of the Climate Box in teaching and extracurricular activities and with consultations on previous research, education was carried out in the application of teaching materials within the framework of working in groups.

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