Cluster Cities Showcase – Poster Exhibition, Video Presentation and Meet Up

Another way of getting familiar with the varieties of methods and challenges of implementing participatory-inspired nature-based solutions in cities, is a poster exhibition where we will, besides the euPOLIS project, showcase a cluster of cities that are on the same mission of creating a common strategy and corner-stone values of the future urban-planning methodologies.

Visitors will have an opportunity to get to know more about Bogota, Palermo, Trebinje, Limerick, Tallinn, Riga, and many others, take notes about their experiences and also share their own.

From the euPOLIS cluster group of projects we will present a short video about cities, and everyone present will have an opportunity to fill out a short survey and provide feedback on the city presented.

This way we will secure networking and familiarizing even remotely and enabling the creation of permanent connections between cities.

The euPOLIS project cluster partners will also participate in the Urban Lab workshop, sharing their lessons and NBS implementation paths with other cities, experts, decision-makers, and enthusiasts.

Discover the euPOLIS cluster:

euPOLIS Cities: Bogota, Limassol, Trebinje, Palermo, Belgrade, Gladsaxe (Copenhagen), Pireaus (Athens), Lodz

“Sister projects”:

GoGreenRoutes: Burgas, Lahti, Limerick, Tallinn, Umea, Versailles;

IN-HABIT: Cordoba, Lucca, Nitra, Riga; Varcities: Castelfranco Veneto, Chania, Dundalk, Gyira, Leuven, Novo mesto, and Skeleftea.

Dereta - Main Stage

24. May