Uncertain Random Perspectives Empowering Individual and Community Realities – Learning to co-operate and co-create with VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity)

Laura P. Spinadel (1958 Buenos Aires) is an Argentine-Austrian architect, urban planner, writer, educator, and principal of BUSarchitektur and BOA office for advanced randomness in Vienna. Her approach is holistic, aimed at solving complex problems in an architectural context that combines technology, art, sociology, and psychology, among others. She has made an international name for herself with the works Compact City and Campus WU, both considered pioneers of the holistic architecture ideology. For the development of the master plan of the WU the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration campus, Laura P. Spinadel took on a total of eight roles, whereby she realized that the most important role in the success story of this project was probably that of the networker: only with the right alliances can the consensus be reached that is necessary to achieve urban miracles. This is also how the URBAN MENUS methodology and software idea was born, an Interactive Society Game to create our cities in 3D using a consensual approach.

In this thought-provoking session, Laura will deliver a captivating lecture on strategic multi-sectoral partnerships as guarantors of change. She will delve into the concept of Uncertain Random Perspectives Empowering Individual and Community Realities, emphasizing the power of diverse viewpoints in shaping inclusive environments. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into fostering strategic partnerships, leveraging uncertainty as a catalyst for innovation, and driving meaningful change through multidimensional cooperation.

Laura P. Spinadel Architect, Austria/Argentina

Dereta - Main Stage

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Laura P. Spinadel