Richard van der Laken, designer and founder of the What Design Can Do platform, talks about how design can change the quality of our lives and contribute to social well-being. The lecture is a continuation of the collaboration between Mikser and the What Design Can Do platform on the initiative to raise awareness of designer responsibility, and the impact of design on social change, thus starting a collaboration that has been successful for several years addressing the topics such as design contributions to innovative solutions for people in the movement, such as the homeless, refugees, and migrants, but also the search for design responses to the challenges of consumerism.

For decades the focus of the What Design Can Do platform has been not only on uncontrolled amounts of waste threatening the Planet, but also on encouraging bold and innovative ideas in this field, Richard continuously faces various challenges on the global design scene.

Richard van der Laken, What Design Can Do: No Waste Challenge (The Netherlands)


27th May

15:50 – 16:50

Richard van der Laken
CEO - co founder What Design Can Do