Mikser Festival 2019 – Circulate

10th Anniversary

The cultural organization Mikser will celebrate the 10th anniversary of  the Mikser Festival at a new location at lower Dorcol, Belgrade in May 2019. The designated zone for the festival is located between the streets of Francuska, Dobracina, Skenderbegova and Dunavska. Strongly future- oriented , this year’s Mikser Festival addresses the phenomenon of sustainability as a new culture of living and doing business. During the 72 hours of continuous dialogue, artists, designers, IT experts, urban planners, ecologists, innovative companies,as well as students, will find common ground in developing a new model for a more altruistic and sensible future.

The festival will introduce more than 1000 participants, a strong b2b platform, a conference dedicated to sustainable development and the concept of circular economy, an exhibition, a “green” hackathon, an eco-bazar and gastro market dedicated to the topic of food distribution to vulnerable groups. The 10th Mikser festival will give a synopsis of its decade of work and it will feature examples of exceptional urban practices that strive towards a more sustainable future!