Aphra de Nucingen is a queer artist with disabilities based in France. She employs a diverse array of mediums, including photography, video, collage, and performance art, to  intricately explore body imagery. Through the fusion of old and new technologies, she blends analog and digital elements, enriching her artistic narrative. Her work delves into profound engagements with archives, both self-created and discovered, weaving a dynamic tapestry that intertwines personal and collective histories. 

Aphra de Nucingen

Aphra de Nucingen, a queer artist with disabilities based in France, presents “Device”, a project exploring the connected body through photography. These images delve into the transformative impact of connected prosthetics in modern medicine, embodying both assistance and challenge in disease management. De Nucingen’s self-taught approach spans photography, video, collage, and performance art, bridging analog and digital realms to convey the complexities of body imagery. Through archival engagement and a unique aesthetic blending violence with softness, she navigates the narratives of personal and collective histories, inviting viewers on a contemplative journey. Her work prompts reflection on the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability within the human experience. [Ally Zlatar, The Starving Artist]