Video art was based on my installation in the FLU boiler room. Trapped balls in the basement as a synonym for rejected play, activation, mobility and even freedom. 

The act of capturing the balls is directed at humanity rejecting inherited values, everything that goes against it with the modern technological moment. The ball no longer has its role – outmoded, outdated and boring…. That’s why we settled in an abandoned space, far from the eyes of the public, condemned to oblivion. 

It is a common human reaction to everything that does not quite fit into the modern understanding of the consumer society. 

We were offered quick solutions to questions we didn’t ask, we have goals we didn’t set for ourselves, instant gratifications that we don’t even feel and global judgment about things that don’t touch us personally. 

Ball trapping is an act of social rejection of outdated values that are not currently in the system values, which we may be ashamed of and should be buried. But we are a humane society – “no we kill openly” and in front of everyone, we only “bury dissenters alive”. That’s how the balls are left to themselves in the dark, with a little sadistic human game – give them bread and games…. Well we insert podesta as a synonym of the unmade human struggle for supremacy, for dominance, etc they kill themselves… And the balls, with their long existence with people, took on a human character and accepted it this insane struggle for supremacy. It’s strange how we didn’t throw out this outdated asset – mutual struggle for supremacy survives as long as civilization. And this is where our nature can be seen: some balls almost expired from sadness, 

some killed themselves, some crawled to the throne, and not a single one saw the open passage to freedom. And what is it that freedom? Do we want freedom? Maybe the balls also choose the safety of the hopelessness into which they are thrown versus a return to uselessness, rejection, public condemnation, nothingness of existence in the human world. That’s how we bury our heads in the sand, we accept everything offered by the local establishment material order, we swallow innovations, spit on the old, we don’t think critically because we are self-sufficient, self-oriented, self-reliant, self-aware, self-loving just… ALONE! 

The title of the paper is “Highlighted expiration date” – here we are, let’s open that window a little for ourselves or to someone else, to remember the feeling of solidarity, belonging, how the adrenaline “shoots” when you work something good for someone next to you, come on… 


Ana Kocić

Ana Kocić, born in 1977. 

Group exhibition “Dynamics of diversity” in KC “House of King Peter I” 

Time of performance March 18 – April 4, 2024. 

Joint exhibition in the “Dimension” gallery in Belgrade with the artist Strahinja Zoćević. Time of performance February 13 -15. March 2024.

Group exhibition “BLUE EXHIBITION” for the blind and partially sighted at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 

Belgrade. Time of performance May 18 – September 4, 2023. 

Group exhibition Drawings and small sculptures in the Youth Center in Belgrade. Date of May 2023. 


Exhibition period July 30 – August 20, 2022. 

Slobodan Desnica – videograd, photographer, videographer of music videos and short film commercials. 


Slobodan Desnica – videograd, fotograf, snimatelj muzičkih spotova i kratkih film reklama.