I have always felt like nationalism works against us, the people. It often leads to conflicts driven by an ‘us vs. them’ mentality and feeds intolerance towards others. The violence doesn’t stop with people; it extends to natural resources, as nationalist policies may prioritize economic growth over environmental protection. As nationalism has spread globally, it poses a threat to international cooperation, complicating the resolution of major issues like climate change, health emergencies, and international security due to a hesitancy to participate in collective efforts and responsibilities.  While nationalism can be a unifying force, it has nonetheless been used repeatedly as a weapon against humanity’s well-being for centuries. Its potential has been exploited by those who are power-hungry, for their own personal goals. 

The video work ‘Black Flag’ is a response to this phenomenon. 

Božidar Katić 

Božidar Katić is a multimedia artist born in 1983 in Zagreb. In March  

2022 he received his Master’s degree from the University of Arts in Berlin at the Institute for Art in Context. Katić received his first master’s degree in art in 2008 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Since 2008 Katić has participated and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally. He is the author of several public sculptures, several interventions in public spaces and winner of several awards. Some selected international projects and exhibitions are: Refugee Monument Berlin, Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin; Germany, Balcony to Balkan, Kunsthalle Baden Baden; Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France; Extravagant Bodies: Crime and Punishment; LADA Live Art Development Agency in London, Kontejner Zagreb, Kiosk_ Belgrade; Oberflächenunterstützung, artistic and experimental Artist in Residence project in Berlin. In his works he often seeks a balance between humor and seriousness of the subject, showing the absurdity of modern and everyday life. He also reflects on current events and questions the structure of politics, economics, social status and positions of inferiority and superiority.