Limaj – a billiard term, is the name given to the back and  forth movements made with the cue at the moment of striking the ball to gain control of the stroke. American billiards is a game played by two players with two different types of balls. The opponents are responsible for getting their ball into the six pockets on the billiard table. The move that ends the game and determines the winner is the insertion of the black ball with the number 8 on it, which is placed on the table independently of the two different types of balls after the players have inserted their own balls into the pockets. In other words, the player who pockets the black 8 after pocketing their own balls wins the game. The balls in the video are all black 8s and instead of the number 8, there are sections of Middle Eastern country flags. All 6 pockets on the sides and corners of the pool table are closed and only  one person plays the game. This playful attitude, which deforms the familiar game form in which the rules disappear, offers a new space of freedom to the player, while the game is reshaped and can be played forever thanks to the balls that are out of the ordinary and do not disappear from the playing field. 


Ergin Soyal

Ergin Soyal is born in 1982, Turkey. He completed his undergraduate, graduate and  proficiency in art at Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture, Turkey.  He works on video, sculpture, installation and performance art. He participated in many group exhibitions and received awards. He lives in Edirne, turkey and works as a lecturer at Trakya  University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture.