My videos show how we are locked in a space inside the screen we look at every day. It may seem that we are free while using phones and other technologies for communication and information, we are governed by people who are aware of the consequences. The bigger picture outside that screen is increasingly difficult, losing is the difference between reality and imagination. If the world continues like this, we will all be locked out of reality. 


Filip Teletin

Filip Teletin graduated from the art high school in Belgrade, Tehnoart. He is  currently a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Filip was a part of the exhibition of drawings and sculptures in Dom omladine Beograd 2024 and the group exhibition dinamika raznolikosti KUĆA KRALJA PETRA BEOGRAD 2024. He also has a special commendation for the photographer who participated at the competition MOJ SVET under sponsored by the European Union.