Remember is a video based on the philosophical maxim “Know thyself”. 

Remember asks us to think about what we have forgotten and reconsider our needs. 

Trying to bring us back to basics. 

A video of a human skull, colorized from real MRI scan images, shows us images of the brain. 

Our common, complex and sophisticated organ. -see in drive folder- 

Do you remember? 

Do you remember when times were not running… 

Do you remember this could also happen? 

Do you remember them running towards the waves? 

Do you remember any of those people now_ 

Remember the jam jar? 

Do you remember the smell of those flowers? 

Do you remember your other realities? 

Do you remember the possibilities? 

Do you remember the day you put your foot on the ground? 

Do you remember? 

Gizem Renklidag

Gizem Renklidağ, born in Istanbul in 1984. She completed her undergraduate education at Yıldız Technical University, Department of Combined  Arts in 2011. While studying as an Erasmus student at Universiaet Siegen in Germany for 1 year during her undergraduate period, Gizem mainly worked on printmaking techniques and metal sculpture as well as painting and installation works. In 2016-2018, she taught new media art and contemporary art, science & technology courses at Okan and Işık Universities as a lecturer. Currently  completing her master’s degree in Mimar Sinan University, Computer Aided Art & Design. 12 years ago, Gizem discovered a painting technique I named ‘FISPIS’ and my art practice is based on it. With this technique, which is a fluid method, I produced videos from images taken while painting.