This is an audio /visual installation that consists of 3 holographic projections placed on 3 stands In the line of standard vision as well as audio playing in the backdrop. The holographic images project 3 local trees in the Balkan region that vanished as the result of micro and macro changes to climate caused by human actions. The holographic images depict a local tee in Novi Sad that stood for 150 years before it vanished in an unprecedented tornado that hit, it also will depict a tree in Slovenia and a tree in Croatia representing unifying factors in these local tragedies that speak about the large problem of climate change and its local and global impact. 

The audio will narrate the history of every tree as well as the general impact of climate change. 

Isidora Todorović

Isidora Todorović was born in 1984 in Novi Sad. She finished he MA and BA  

studies at the Department of New Media Art at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. She is employed as an Associate Professor in the same department.