“Smile” is an exploration of societal conformity and individual complicity represented through a blend of motion graphics and augmented reality. Delving beneath the surface of social media perfection to expose the uncomfortable truth — we are all complicit in perpetuating the status quo while the world around us crumbles. Every interaction with the AR filter serves as a mirror, reflecting our passive submission to societal expectations. Bombarded by social media we are compelled to conform, smile, and consume without question. This interactive experience blurs the line between observer and participant urging us to wake up. 


Jovana Uzelac

Storytelling has always been a passion of Jovana Uzelac. From a young age, she is interested in film, mythology, and video games, and these niches continue to fuel her creativity today. Her career journey has been anything but conventional, yet she has always been driven by a clear vision of where she want to be. After all the mythology and literature she could hope for at the Philological High School, she needed to create her  own stories. This led her to pursue Graphics and Book Design at the Faculty of Applied Arts while actively collaborating with various art collectives. Throughout this time, she delved into painting, traditional graphics, and videography, which quickly became an integral part of her  creative repertoire.