The Sunset is a documentary experimental film, or a slideshow of photographs depicting Olga Masoničić, the grandmother of the film’s author. Pictures were taken during the last two years of Olga’s life. The theme of the photographs explores aging, vulnerability, impending death, memory, history, and the anticipation of the end.The live audio-visual installation is envisioned as a slideshow of photographs and videos in synergy with a live musical performance using keyboards and electronics. 


Milo Masoničic

Milo Masoničić is a writer and filmmaker. He was born in 1994 in Podgorica, Montenegro. He graduated in Dramaturgy from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts Cetinje. He lives and works in Podgorica. He published two novels Hammer (2012) and End of Shift (2019). He made he created a couple of experimental movies.