The digital painting series “chasing the story” delves into the intricate dynamics of marriage, particularly exploring the trade-off of personal rights for a perceived sense of freedom, particularly within cultural contexts where women often find themselves disproportionately affected. Each piece serves as a visual narrative depicting the disillusionment and emotional turmoil experienced by women who realize that their marriages have not met their expectations. Through distorted forms and vivid colors, the series visually reenacts the chaos and breaking points that individuals encounter when their marriages fail to fulfill the promises of happiness and fulfillment. These paintings serve as a reflection on the societal pressure to conform to traditional couple norms, which often idealize marriage as the ultimate source of happiness and stability. 

The series challenges these norms by questioning the structures provided by the institution of marriage, inviting viewers to confront the consequences of idealized expectations in times of crisis. By portraying the aftermath of failed marriages, the artist highlights the limitations and pitfalls of societal constructs, urging viewers to reevaluate their perceptions of marriage and personal fulfillment.

Okyanus Çağrı Çamci

Okyanus Çağrı Çamcı (born 1996) graduated from the Department of Painting,Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül University. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree at the Institute of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül University in the Department of Art and Design. She has participated in various programs and exhibitions such as the Nesin Mathematics and Art Village Art and Social Justice Program (2021), Istanbul Biennial Study and Research Program (2021-2022), Contemporary Art Conversations organized by Mişart and Kevser Güler (2021), Day to Day 16th Sharjah Biennial curated by Merve Elveren and Zeynep Öz, YAZ publication series (2024) 
She has also contributed to exhibitions and competitions such as Plato Rota 2 Contemporary Art Competition (2017),Kendine Ait Bir Oda, Heritage(2019), Darağaç, Contact(2021), Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları and Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Selected Affinities (2022), BASE (2022); Trace and Communication, Koli Art Space, Don’t Look at What I Wrote (2022), Tütün Deposu, resurgence in fragments (2023), Cermodern, New:Now (2024) and Kairos Gallery, POV (2024); among various group exhibitions. 
Çamcı’s work is informed by gender studies, memory, and the concept of remembrance. She endeavors to reinterpret the variability and recordability of memory through memories. Informed by LGBTI+ activism, Çamcı depicts what she describes as a sword dance at the focal point of her work. Through her sword dance art, she attempts to convey the resilience, hope, and loss present in life to the audience.