Simulation of affection represents falsely displayed kindness, meant to be used to gain something in return. Pseudo-emotions are clearly our new reality, the type that drives us to become more distant and suspicious. In order not to hurt or be hurt, we are all becoming actors in this synthetic world. Imagine living in a place where lies fuel tragedies. As a result, people are more cautious than ever and may not distinguish real kindness from its counterpart, used for personal interest. We have all accepted our part in this social play. 

Even Ljubomir Micić once said that true vandalism is far better than false kindness. 

Olivera Lazović

Olivera Lazović is from Serbia. She has a masters degree in creative photography and a bachelor degree in applied graphics and book design, both, at the Faculty of Applied Arts. Her  work has a wide spectrum of visualization, from illustration to motion. He work ranges from animation and other media, joining both personal and group projects.