Dejan Atanackovic / Lecture

The Black Box platform for young creators continues with a series of dialogues of current participants with eminent artists and art theorists with the aim of exchanging inspirations and ideas.

One of the guest lecturers of this year’s Black Box edition is Dejan Atanackovic, who will share his experiences and views on creative and spatial wanderings between cities and artistic disciplines with young authors.

Dejan Atanackovic (Belgrade, 1969), artist and writer, has been conducting solo exhibitions since the 1990s. He teaches several subjects in the field of visual arts and culture at university programs in Florence. He won the NIN award for his first novel “Lusitania” published by “Besne kobile” (2017). He is the author of the collection of short stories “Man without Language” by the same publisher (2018). He has been a NIN columnist since September 2018. He lives in Belgrade and Florence.