Memento is a pocket watch version that intelligently performs the functions of a smartwatch. In addition, Momento is equipped with a camera and microphone to record the user’s moments. Also, the artificial intelligence in the product creates more soulful images by getting information about the user’s feelings at the moment of recording memories. This process engages a greater portion of the user’s 5 senses alone. It has been shown that engaging these senses in conjunction with high-activity period of memory brain functions can help reduce the future risk of Alzheimer’s disease. All age groups strive to preserve sweet memories. But those approaching their elderly years have a greater need for such a product.

Amirhossein Keshavarz, Arsham Javharpour, Haniie Adham, Reza Ali Ahmadi, Mohmadsaeed Haghigh

Amirhossein Keshavarz, Industrial designer, Art University of Tehran, Year 3, MA-Industrial design Arsham Jawharpour, Product Desinger , Art University of Tehran ,Year 3 ,MA-Industrial design Haniye Adham , User Experience Designer, Art University of Tehran ,Year 3 ,MA-Industrial design Reza Ali ahmadi , Product Desinger , Science and Research Branch.IAU ,Year 3 ,MA-Industrial design Mohmmadsaeed Haghighi, User Experience Designer, Art University of Tehran, Year 2, MA-Industrial design are the designers – creators of the watch Memento.