We think for the future people will gradually lose their connection with nature. But consequentially, people will have a higher appreciation of nature and particularly handmade products from natural materials. Therefore, we intend to bring nature into our future homes with this product. The idea of this product started as we see the natural process of life where things will change and decay as times goes on. Since we plan to bring nature into our home, we also intend to bring this cycle of life with our product. The shape of this product is inspired by “Ichirin Zashi” from Japan, we want to convey the fragility of life with how we use a very thin bamboo slice and split it to hold the flower. As time goes on, this fragile product and the flower it carries will wither away, therefore the user will need to change the flower as often as the vase itself. With this product, we hope that we can encourage people to be more sensitive to their surroundings and love nature, of course because the benefits can have a huge impact on the individual themselves, their health, the environment, etc. Even though it looks simple in scale, it has the potential to have a positive impact. Functionally, with its versatile design, this product utilizes surrounding objects to place itself on, therefore bringing nature to every corner of our homes.

 Andi Kayla, Ananda, Bandung -Nidewi, Aruman, Radithya Hylmi, Alfatih.

Authors of this project are: Andi Kayla, Ananda, Bandung -Nidewi, Aruman, Radithya Hylmi, Alfatih.