The project involves the development of a groundbreaking panel designed to harness waste heat energy from air conditioner outlet units and convert it into electricity. This innovative technology aims to address the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. The panel is strategically designed to capture the heat emitted from air conditioner outlet units, which is typically wasted in conventional systems. By utilizing thermoelectric generators (TEGs) integrated within the panel, the captured heat energy is converted into electrical power through the Seebeck effect. This process involves exploiting the temperature difference between the hot side (exposed to waste heat) and the cold side (ambient temperature) of the TEG modules to generate an electric current. Key features of the panel include high-efficiency TEG modules, robust construction materials, and a compact design for seamless integration with existing air conditioner units. The TEG modules are carefully selected to maximize energy conversion efficiency while ensuring durability and reliability in various operating conditions. The electricity generated by the panel can be utilized to power auxiliary devices or supplement the energy requirements of the building, thereby reducing reliance on conventional grid power sources.

Ankit Kumar

Ankit Kumar is an industrial and product designer who possesses an unrivaled talent for crafting innovative solutions. With a keen eye for aesthetics and functionality, he is consistently pushes the boundaries of conventional design, creating breakthrough products that leave a lasting impact. He has an unique ability to analyze complex problems and translate them into elegant designs. Whether it’s reinventing household appliances, or devising ingenious solutions for environmental challenges, he always blends creativity and practicality.