Anybuddy M2 project primarily aims to protect birds and their habitats, which are disappearing due to the gradual loss of forest areas in the city. These birdhouses and feeders serve to help birds survive during the critical winter period and provide a nesting place, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity in the city. This “micro” intervention has the potential to trigger a chain of actions that would be of great significance for the transformation of urban environments. The main goal is to encourage people to participate in the preservation of the natural environment and its biodiversity. All necessary information for creating these simple design birdhouses with natural materials would be provided through an internet platform. This way people can construct birdhouses and feeders in their backyards, porches, or nearby parks. Data on different bird species inhabiting specific areas, their diet, and characteristics would also be accessible. In addition, this project aims to raise awareness about other beings that make up the urban ecosystem and the benefits of coexistence with them, encouraging people to pay more attention not only to birds but also to other species. This lays the groundwork for further development of these modules.

Anja Rakonjac, Sofija Plavšić

The name of the team behind this project is AS in buddies / Anja Rakonjac and Sofija Plavščić