This project aims to solve a number of problems. First, recently in Brazil we are experiencing an epidemic of dengue dengue, where mosquitoes, which are the cause of the virus, are affecting many people every day, mosquitoes that still need water to reproduce, and this water usually comes from the house. Second, most people in large urban centers would love a house with more plants, but they usually don’t have the time to care for them. Finally, observing the common practice of Brazilians to store glass jars of pickled food bought in supermarkets, I was tempted to create a product that could reuse this component that many people already have, in a way that the same product can vary depending on the type of bottle the user has. With all this in mind, came the Hourglass Greenhouse project, which is a hydroponic greenhouse for desktop computers. The project itself is an artifact used to combine two glass jars. This project is a way to maintain a small plant which means you don’t have to water daily. It is also less attractive to mosquitoes and therefore reduces the potential epidemic of dengue. The name and form are a semantic relationship with the function of wasting less time on plant care. Moreover, the use of glass material allows the user to visualize the roots of the plant, which are otherwise hidden in the soil.

Davi Milagres

Davi Milagres is a design student at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. He has worked as a Graphic Designer for companies and also as a freelancer. Within the university, he has  helped develop the extension projects: Design in the Real World and Graphic Expression Workshop. In addition, he has also participated  in Scientific Initiations focused on the area of Product Design, an area of design that is currently his main focus.