[®] isn’t just a business; it’s a chance to rewrite the narrative on e-commerce packaging and build a more circular future, one box at a time. [®] tackles two issues: environmental destruction from unsustainable e-commerce packaging and the growing waste stream of used paper boxes. We chose this problem because the e-commerce boom is rapidly exacerbating both, and traditional solutions that fuels deforestation and landfill overflow fall short. Recycling merely delays the inevitable: most paper boxes still end up in landfills. [®] will revolutionise e-commerce packaging with a concept that’s as innovative as it is simple: remaking new boxes from old boxes. [®] is an operational innovation that captures value from waste paper boxes, diverting them from landfill and transforming them into high-quality, branded packaging for online retailers. [®] offers a radical, circular solution: we transform used paper boxes into high-quality, custom packaging for online retailers. This closes the loop, diverting waste from landfills and minimising natural resource depletion. Our process harnesses the power of circular economy principles: – We partner with businesses to collect used paper boxes through reverse logistics. [®] technology efficiently converts the collected paper boxes and transforms them into new boxes. – We work closely with brands to design and manufacture custom-sized boxes that reflect their unique identity and product requirements.

Filip Harding 

Filip Harding is a British-Romanian designer that has become a packaging and sustainability expert with over 10 years of experience with global brands.He has seen the best and worst environmental solutions, and is sure  that traditional thinking will not help us. This led him to combine creative thinking with technical pragmatism to form the operational innovation – [®] – a circular e-commerce packaging that makes new boxes from old boxes.