Fabulous Fungi is the solution to one of the major problems in the textile industry; the use of synthetic textile dyes. Fabulous Fungi employs fungi in order to create sustainable and safe textile dye, without the use of harmful chemicals. The fungal pigments, which form the basis of the textile dye, are biodegradable. This means it won’t cause any water pollution. In addition, fungal dye requires less water and energy. All in all, fungal dye will have many benefits over synthetic textile dye and other alternatives and it can be applied to a variety of materials.

Ilse Kremer

Ilse Kremer is a fashion and textile designer who does not believe in fast fashion, nor in mass production. Sustainability is an important aspect of Ilse’s work. She likes to work with recycling and natural dyeing methods. Furthermore, she is obsessed with colour. She believes colour is a way of expressing yourself, in a way fashion does too. She perfectly combines her two fascinations, colour and sustainability, in her own startup: Fabulous Fungi.