Time Cycling is author’s Master’s Degree project and a comprehensive exploration of the intersections between architecture, media, and community influences in the context of systematic change. The objective of this project is to investigate the role of architecture in education, community activation, and disrupting established cycles by creating spaces for dialogue. Through the concept of slow design, particularly the principle of compressed refuse, the project aims to explore the potential of using temporary structures to store artificial waste. This process, referred to as Time Cycling*, involves abstracting materials from regular cycles, utilizing them as building materials for a limited time, and then reintegrating them into recycling processes, thus extending their lifespan and avoiding the landfills. The construction of a pavilion using newspapers would serve both as a practical demonstration of sustainable construction techniques and a symbolic representation of democratic values. By engaging public in the building process, the project seeks to foster a sense of response-ability**, encourage localized action, facilitate informal discussions, and promote knowledge sharing within the community.

Irena Milović

Irena is an Architectural Designer who draws inspiration from her background in dance. From an early age, she explored the relationship between the human body and space through movement, which laid the foundation for her journey into design. Irena holds a BA Degree in Interior and Furniture Design from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, and a MA Degree in Spatial Design from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden. Throughout her career, Irena has been driven by a desire to challenge norms, constructions, and materials on various scales. Her projects reflect her commitment to creating healthy and interactive spaces that go beyond conventional boundaries. Most of all, Irena enjoys the breadth of the architecture profession that allows her to dive into designing spaces, atmospheres, experiences, objects, stories, and more…