Mkliniki, beyond its direct impact on healthcare and legal services, also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in several ways. Here’s how Mkliniki is playing a role in promoting environmental sustainability: Telemedicine and Virtual Consultations One of the primary ways Mkliniki contributes to greenhouse gas emission reduction is through its telemedicine and virtual consultation services. By enabling users to consult with healthcare providers and legal professionals remotely, Mkliniki reduces the need for unnecessary travel. Patients no longer have to commute to clinics or law offices for every consultation, which means fewer vehicles on the road, leading to decreased carbon emissions from transportation. Reduced Paper Usage Mkliniki’s digital platform also helps in reducing paper usage. Traditionally, healthcare and legal services involve a significant amount of paperwork for documentation, prescriptions, legal contracts, and more. Mkliniki allows users to upload and manage their medical records and legal documents digitally. This not only saves time and improves efficiency but also reduces the need for paper, thereby contributing to forest preservation and lowering the carbon footprint associated with paper production.

Joel Alex Olang

Joel Alex Olang is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of Urban Tech For Hope, a pioneering tech firm based in Kenya. With a passion for leveraging technology to address social challenges, Joel has dedicated his career to revolutionizing healthcare and legal services in Kenya, particularly focusing on marginalized communities and underserved populations. Along side Joel Dr. Mugoye Kevin, Wanga Austine, Caroline Nyandat Email, Ndoe Mwamtigino Marie, Kemunto Daphine are the creators behind the Mkliniki application.