The Stalagmit lamp stands at the forefront of sustainable glass product design, embodying a profound shift in the way we perceive and utilize glass. At its core lies a fundamental principle: reusability. By repurposing discarded glass – a byproduct typically overlooked in conventional glass production – the Stalagmit Lamp foreshadows a micro revolution within the small scale industry. The lamp is made of wasted float glass that manufacturers throw away. The discarded material is collected, smashed into fine powder, and carefully layered in a stalagmitic shape. The layering process consists of three parts; firstly, positioning of discarded cardboard rolls that serve as a frame for glass powder. Secondly, alternatingly applying glass powder and sand to create a stalagmitic shape, and thirdly, positioning the outer metal mold which holds and prevents the mixture of sand and glass stand on their place when being fired. After the firing in a glass kiln, glass powder turns into a solid structure that can stand on its own. The outer metal mold and sand are removed and reused for the production of the next lamp. In that way, not only glass, but also sand and metal molds support the idea of reusability.

Marija Staničić

Marija Staničić was born in Rijeka, Croatia. She lives and studies in Slovenia. In 2022, she graduated from the Faculty of Design, University of Primorska, Slovenia, with a degree in Interior Design. She is currently attending a Master’s degree in Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. For her graduate thesis on the topic of Multifunctional Furniture with Light Fixtures she was awarded the Slovenian Design Award in the “Perspective – Industrial Design” category. The concept of the final paper was based on the thesis that the primary function of light does not limit discourse in the sphere of biological, psychological, sociological, and other interactions. She continues to follow this thesis when seeking to find answers to challenges in design. Marija received the Portuguese Symington Family Estates Glassberries Design Award in 2022 for the design and concept of the wine bottle with Data Matrix technology. Her aspiration is to research and design to change herself, people and society. Her motto is: Utopian for the Better.