The Pop Up Desk lets people separate work from personal life. Wall mounted with foldable countertop, it frees up space in the room when not used. And opens space for spending time with family, practicing yoga or doing a favorite hobby. The desk tackles a problem that many of us have – drawing the boundary between professional duties and having time for ourselves and our beloved ones. Easily wall mounted, the user can choose the appropriate height. When you open the desk you see a welcoming “niche”, inspiring you to start your working day. The back panel of the desk in dusty pink color is made out of sound absorbent textile in order to create better acoustic environment. Between the back panel and the countertop there is a multifunctional box. On top of it you can place your monitor, but not only. It serves as hidden storage and conceals the hinges at the same time. On the right there is a designated place for all the belongings that you usually put on your desk – laptop, phone, earbuds, notebook, mouse and keyboard. There is also a clever cable management – you can keep your cables and chargers inside the box and pull out the cable you need through a designated hole. The whole front panel of the box can be opened for easier management, too. That is how you can keep your work place always tidy and ordered.

Viktorija Dimitrova, Branimir Brozig, Sofija Martina Radeva 

The team name behind this project is Pop Up Furniture. The team consists of three designers Viktoriya Dimitrova, Branimir Brozig and Sofia Martina Radeva.