Introducing the CUMULUS rain jacket, a stylish solution for unpredictable weather. Designed with urbanites in mind, it combines fashion and function, replacing traditional umbrellas with a hands-free design for city dwellers. The jacket adapts to changing weather seamlessly, offering versatility beyond typical outerwear. Lightweight and durable, it merges form and function, showcasing the impact of innovative design in challenging conditions.


Sadaf Jalali

Sadaf Jalali is  a passionate and driven Master’s student in Industrial Design at the esteemed University of Illinois Chicago (UIC),  and his  journey is a testament to my relentless pursuit of innovation at the intersection of fashion and functionality. Sadaf’s academic journey at UIC has been marked by a deep exploration of the intricate relationship between design and nature’s dynamic landscapes. He firmly believes that design is a profound dialogue we engage in with the ever-transforming rhythms of our planet. Through his studies, he has come to view design as a medium for harmonizing innovation with the natural symphony that surrounds us. His fascination with fashion as a means of expression and adaptation led me to focus my efforts on transformable fashion. This exploration has been more than just a project—it’s been a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with clothing. By reimagining garments as adaptable, dynamic entities that respond to the wearer’s needs and the environment, he strove to blur the lines between form and function. In his pursuit of transformative fashion, Sadaf has embraced challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. Through meticulous research, prototyping, and experimentation, he has developed a unique approach to design that emphasizes sustainability, versatility, and above all, a deep respect for the ever-changing beauty of the natural world.