Jakarta is one of the most populated cities in our country, Indonesia. The high population density has created many densely populated slums all over the city, including around luxury high-rise buildings. The existence of these slum villages cannot be eliminated from the city of Jakarta because their existence is very important for supporting the surrounding life. But unfortunately, sometimes the construction of luxury high-rise buildings around these villages, fortify themselves with high fences, or rivers that create a very wide separation between the luxury buildings and the surrounding slum villages. We know that this social inequality must be broken.

As a result, vernacular designs have grown organically to address the problem of distance and relationships between these two social classes. This emerged from the needs of each of the social class actors. The rope serves to bridge the needs of the workers of the luxury high-rise building with the economic needs of the slum community. Finally, “Sambung” means “connected” in Indonesian.

Arya Putra and Arfan Ikhsan

Authors of the project Sambung are: Arya Putra, Arfan Ikhsan