ALLSPACE TENTS epitomizes the Ghost Project 2024’s ethos of small-scale interventions with large-scale impacts, offering a pioneering solution to the pressing challenges of social displacement and environmental sustainability. Drawing inspiration from the African hut for its practical and sustainable architecture, ALLSPACE TENTS combine tradition with innovation in a modular design that ensures energy efficiency, privacy, and dignity. Constructed from eco-friendly materials such as recycled tarpaulin and aluminum, and powered by solar panels, these homes are not only cost-effective at $120 per unit but also environmentally benign. Manufactured locally in Nigeria, the project supports local economies and employment, aligning seamlessly with Ghost Project’s objectives of sustainability, social equity, and urban resilience.

Stanley Anigbogu

Stanley Anigbogu is a dynamic innovator and social entrepreneur from Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. As the founder and CEO of LightEd, Stanley channels his passion for technology and sustainability into transforming electronic and plastic waste into renewable energy solutions. His vision has been to illuminate lives in rural and underserved urban communities across Africa, aiming to empower over 5 million Africans by 2035 with clean, affordable energy. Stanley’s work has earned him numerous international accolades, including the UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor Award, demonstrating his impactful contributions to sustainable urban development and environmental conservation. His dedication to community empowerment and his innovative approach to addressing complex environmental issues exemplify his commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world. Alongside Stanley, Blossom Eromosele is a designer behind this project.