The spark for the project Interwoven was ignited by my personal experience of cohabitation with my partner, through which I became greatly more aware of gender inequality within my own home. Due to the unrealistic expectations constantly imposed on me by my environment, as well as the double standards for members of the household and the neglect and devaluation of my efforts and time, I decided to express my displeasure, research the experience of my friends, and study how gender roles within the home reaffirm gender inequality in the wider context. Granny squares are largely perceived as decorative household elements, while the skill, effort, planning and labour behind their creation is rarely acknowledged. A woman’s work in the “second shift” is treated similarly – even though it is time-consuming, and psychologically and physically draining, it remains invisible and unappreciated in spite of its indisputable necessity. The project Interwoven is therefore rooted in this idea of subverting the perception of crocheters. The pieces created in the four segments of the project are thus not symbols of a safe home nor an affirmation of domestic comfort, but instead strive to place emphasis on the home as a politically charged space in which power dynamics are formed and therefore contain the potential for their redefinition.

Tana Jeić

Tana Jeić is  a graphic designer born in Zagreb in 1997. She  graduated Visual Communication Design at School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Univerzity of Zagreb. During her studies she worked at graphic design studio Studio Hrvatin, and after graduation at studio Šesnić&Turković. Tana was awarded two School of Design Annual Awards; one for the project ZKM Posters and the other one for her graduate project Interwoven – interpretation of gender relations in the household through handicraft. She had multiple works featuread at The Exhibition of Croatian Design, and recieved a Special Mention in category Student Design – Visual Communications Design for the project Niki Mill – font design. In personal projects, Tana value research, working with her  hands, experimentation, and play.