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Dear Mikser audience,
Join us at this year’s panel discussions! Although our physical gathering is still limited by anti-pandemic measures, we use every opportunity to create a ground for the dialogue between various social actors: experts, activists, decision-makers, artists, designers … All on a common task of paving the way for our better future through aspects of gender-sensitive cities, care for the elderly, healthy living in cities, clean air, water, and land, to innovations in the field of design that unite all these aspects.
Attend live by filling out the application form on the following form, participate in the conversations and be a part of the Mikser Festival audience!
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11.00 – 15.30


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Green Agenda for the Balkans // Green Agenda for Balkan

Circular Economy for Local Development // Circular Economy for Local Development

New Life for Sustainable Packaging // New Life for Sustainable Packages

The flywheel for sustainable business // Propelling Sustainable Businesses


17.00 – 19.10


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When you are ready // When you are ready

The Show Must Go On






10.00 – 14.30


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Blue gold – revitalization of Urban Water Streams

Clean energies for clean air

Happier Cities – When Nature and Citizens Unite

Heroines of Rural Development


14.40 – 19.10


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Serbia faces green choices?

What a waste! New values ​​in Design!

Made in Balkan – Regional Design Scene

The Future of Art


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