Mikser Festival 2020

Mikser Festival 2020. was held on October 8th and 9th in Zornca house, near Belgrade, under the slogan OXYGEN, so in the year when everything stopped, nature became the biggest ally of Mixer, and the connection with those who share the same values, where they hide the answers to the dilemmas of the future – in nature, it has become even stronger. At this year’s Mixer Festival in Zornica house from May 26th to 28th, we will create even stronger ties between all of us and topics important for our common future. We will deepen the topics started and bring together creatives and decision-makers to come up with answers together.


Why is ecology, positive and negative practices not reported consistently and persistently, but at the level of individual incidents and with sensationalist placement? Is the Serbian economy ready for a radical transformation from linear to circular? What awaits us at the beginning, and what at the end of the road to the circular economy? Do we have enough knowledge and motivation to turn waste into a resource and what is the role of the state in that transformation?


Why are cities designed to suit the male experience even though in many environments the number of women far exceeds the number of male inhabitants?