After two editions in nature, the Mikser festival bravely returns to the city putting MICRO TACTICS as a method of creative and social action in the focus of its 13th edition. From May 23 to 25, the Mikser Festival will shine a light on seemingly small but significant initiatives to improve reality, which serve as beacons of hope amid social and environmental challenges, in the complex of Dorćol Platz and Dereta, through a series of talks, art installations, performances, concerts, films, and workshops.

Mikser Talks, a three-day festival think-tank in lower Dorćol, will take on a more dynamic format this year taken by the theme of the festival – “Micro Talks” between experts, amateurs, artists, decision-makers, activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, workers, innovators, enthusiasts and citizens who, by their personal example, live and lead the changes and innovations that we, as a society, cry out for and present the seemingly small, but decisive steps by which each of us (can) change the world!

Looking to the future, Mikser Festival finds its main foothold in supporting and empowering young creators through numerous talent platforms for young creatives such as Ghost Project and Black Box. Listening to their voice, as well as the voice of the wider population of young people, Mikser Festival is launching a new program this year – the Youth Club, which focuses on the needs and attitudes of Generation Z, helping us to bridge the communication and technological gap between generations and to understand better the unique potentials and challenges young people face.

The distinctive platform for young artists “Black Box”, which is founded by Mikser Festival, the Faculty of Applied Arts, and the Monolog gallery, with this year’s competition slogan “No Middle Ground” invites young authors to express their uncompromising artistic visions through digital media that a joint multimedia installation will be formed at the Mikser festival.

The Mikser festival’s urban laboratory, located at the Miljenko Dereta space, will bring together practical knowledge and experience gained during the year on numerous international projects in the field of sustainable design, urbanism, gender mainstreaming, social justice and, in general, the potential for a better and healthier future of cities.

Educational programs and creative workshops for children and teenagers will encourage an intergenerational exchange of practical life experiences that combines the new language and “old ways” as equally important elements for creating a better future for everyone, but also open horizons for increasingly necessary professions in the field of sustainable development and modern technologies that may not yet exist.

Kino Mikser, in cooperation with the team of Dorćol Platz, will show selections of film festivals from smaller towns across Serbia that lead local initiatives of young people with driving energy, examples of community, and the victory of the “little man”. Kino Mikser accompanying program reveals inspiring stories of creative individuals and collectives around the world exploring scenarios for a more sustainable future. Talks and Q&A sessions after the screenings will bring the ideas behind these initiatives closer to the festival audience.

Finally, the Mikser Festival returns this May with all its (creative) power and enthusiasm, so we promise to discover a new eclectic mix of sounds that shape the current musical landscape of our capital through the Mikser Music program which, with the support of Dorćol Platz and Elektro Pionir, in the evening classes to create a more informal environment for networking, socializing and exchange between the inspiring festival guests and the festival audience.

See you at the Mikser Festival