After a year that has passed globally as a year without music and common euphoria in front of the stage, Mikser is returning to one of its traditional programs.

Modest and appropriately, in accordance with the still valid pandemic rules, but with a show of youthful energy and optimism which unites all the other programs, this year’s music program will be marked by the young Belgrade band DAZE.

This indie-rock band has existed for two years and consists of Ilija Maršićević (16), Katarina Zarić (16), and Andjela Žikić (17).

They are all admirers of the creation of the Arctic Monkeys, and that’s where the inspiration for the songs was coming from, from the very start of their careers. And further on, their musical inspiration still supervenes from indie ensembles of various generations, and different origins.

Although very young, they have already noticed through several notable concert performances, both as a supporting band and as solo performances. Just last year they released their debut single called “Running”.