Small tactict and Big Stories!

They say that there are thirty million people in the world who understand the Serbo-Croatian language. Founders of platform
“Velike priče” counted on exactly that audience. An audience that is not burdened by “worldly” boundaries,
territories, states, religions. It is spread all over the world and its only common directory is
precisely the language.
From the very beginning, Mikser has witnessed the creation of this great idea, which, in just one year, has come to life
great success and readership. We are proud to have the opportunity at the upcoming Mikser festival “Velike priče”
we translate from online format to offline. The authors of “Velike priče” are coming to Belgrade, at the Mikser festival, this time
live! Soon we will announce the names of the participants in the program! There will be all the dialects of our wonderful,
South Slavic language, we promise!