City Co-creation Workshop – Urban Crossroads: Dorćol

Dorćol is a unique place with the intersection of many cultures and local communities. However, its active development is currently becoming a huge challenge, putting the mosaic of Dorcol’s identities under a threat.

The main goal of the workshop is to find urban solutions that can unite separated Dorcol communities for future synergy. During the workshop, participants will learn how to explore the territory, make a pre-project site analysis and include theese research results into final design solutions that meet the needs of the city, the neighborhood, and local communities.

Participants can choose one of the suggested project topics and sites: revitalization of Dunavska street and the old railroad, riverside Dorćol and Panciev park, or they can make a proposal of their own. Workshop is open to all levels of skills, from city-making professionals to residents of Dorcol: all teams will have both professionals in architecture and urban planning and specialist in another fields interested in project.

Workshop is held by Semyon Gudkov, urban planner, analyst and member of Ambasada za urbanizam (Belgrade). Main area of his professional interests is the development of concepts for urban planning, spatial and socio-economic research.

So if you are architect, urban planner, designer, engineer or just a Dorćol based enthusiast – sign up and became a part of a change in our city!

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