Funk Shui – The Nostalgy for the Future

Twelve years ago, a young band from Skopje performed at the Mikser festival in Savamala. With the intriguing name, which the members of the band, neither then nor now, could not explain very well, the band sounded like a funky energy bomb whose irresistible sound unstoppably enchanted the region in the decade behind us. Yes, perhaps the nucleus of their name actually most closely defines the musical genre, and maybe not. Because Funk Shui is not a band that takes anything for granted. No genre, no name, no direction, no language. Polyglots, they would love to sing in English, Greek and French. Regardless of language, the energy and passion they create with their music is what counts.

Fans in Serbia already know the choruses in Macedonian, which the band members, by their own confession, sometimes do not understand themselves. That irresistible nonchalance and self-irony brings them to the Mikser festival, twelve years after that first, rookey performance. The circle is closed. They perform on the twenty-fifth of May, on the Youth Day. “Nikogash Pak” is the name of their last album, which many consider to be the pinnacle of the last year’s production in the entire Balkan region. Fans of brutalism and “Star Trek”, Funk Shui members strongly affirm an emotion that fully corresponds with the current vision of Mikser Festival: “Nostalgia for the future.”