Mikser Organization is proud to present the results of the Black Box art competition, which took place this year under the slogan “No Middle Ground”, and for which we received almost 80 applications from 14 countries.

As part of the prize, at the upcoming Mikser Festival from May 23-25, an exhibition of the same name – No Middle Ground will be staged, which will show the best works from the competition to the festival audience and bring closer the vision of the future of generation Z, to which the program of this year’s Mikser Festival is strongly dedicated, while during the three days of the festival, selected authors will participate in intensive educational and workshop programs with leading experts in the field of sustainable development and circular design.

With the slogan “No middle ground”, Mikser’s Black Box art competition this year, realized in partnership with the Monolog gallery and the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, was looking for authors who unwaveringly express their attitude towards the present and uncompromisingly create their vision of the future. The members of the jury: Asena Hayal, Sara Jaafar, Nikola Damjanov, Dunja Tutin and Predrag Todorović, along with the curatorial team consisting of Marko Lađušić, Denis Leo Hegić and Maja Lalić, selected 54 most impressive works of art from more than 50 authors who create in 11 different countries.


Aleksandar Lazar – Sparks (Serbia)

Aleksandar Radičević – There’s a ship that sails by my window (Serbia)

Ana Kocić, Slobodan Desnica – Expired Existence (Serbia)

Ana Kocić – Post-consumerism (Serbia)

Ana Saut – Stolen Childhood (Serbia)

Aphra de Nucingen – Device (France)

Bahek – Opsada (Montenegro)

Božidar Katić – Black Flag (Germany)

Danijela Mihić – The Circus (Serbia)

Daria Goncharova – Connection Unstable (Serbia)

Dinara Pavlović – Dissolving into space (Russia)

dN eQ – Untitled (Armenia)

Ergin Soyal – Cereyan / Draft (Turkey)

Ergin Soyal – I ask the questions here (Turkey)

Ergin Soyal – Limaj (Turkey)

Filip Teletin – Look at reality outside the box (Serbia)

Flavia Mazzanti – Sympoietic Bodies (Austria)

Gizem Renklidağ – REMEMBER (Turkey)

Goran Vitanović – Novi impulsi/New Impulses (Serbia)

Igor Bošnjak – Čovječanstvo/Humanity (Bosnia i Herzegovina)

Isidora Todorović – The museum of Antropocene (Serbia)

Iva Dimitrijević – Geography of nothing (Serbia)

Ivana Ranisavljević – U tišini susreta 1/In the Silence of a Meeting 1 (Serbia)

Jana Jovašević – Do you like what you see? (Serbia)

Joas Nebe – WhiteBlack (Germany)

Jos Diegel – A Lunch In Quarantine Characterized by Texthermeneutical failures (Germany)

Jovan Marjanov – Dog Life Limited (Serbia)

Jovana Uzelac – Smile (Serbia)

Keti Zaharijev – Still Searching (Serbia)

Kıvılcım S. Güngörün – i lab yu (Turkey)

Kristina Valenkova – I’d Rather Be a Dog (2022-2024) (Serbia)

Lia Mori – Reminiscence (Greece)

Lilliana (Jax) Hunnicut – Doomsday Lingers, Yet I Create (Slovenia)

Luka Kustudić – DotDot (Serbia)

Luka Kustudić – Kamera 24 (Serbia)

Maja Halilović – Bjork:AI:Scoby (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Marko Zavišić – Beauty will not save the world… (Serbia)

Marlon Barrios Solano – Bauhaus Time Traveler Stripper (Germany)

Marlon Barrios Solano – We come from the future and want to date you… (Germany)

Marta Fiolić, João Ferreira  – Passages (Portugal)

Milo Masoničić – Sunset (Montenegro)

Mirjana Milovanovic – Topographies of the future (Serbia)

Okyanus Çağrı – Chasing The Story (Turkey)

Olga Stanojević – Broken windows to the world (Serbia)

Olivera Lazović – Simulation of Affection (Turkey)

Sanja Solunac – Graorasto / Graorasto (Shade of a mixture of gray and brown) (Serbia)

Sara Lazarević – They Have Nothing in Common, Except Grandchild (Serbia)

Suha Arda Soyka – Digital Transformation of Concrete (Germany/ Turkey)

Synthia – I AM THE INTERNET (Turkey)

Teodora Miodragović – ČUVARKUĆA/Housewife (Serbia)

Valentina Brostein – Internal Ocean (Italy)

Veljko Zejak – Walking on Water/Hod po vodi (Serbia/Slovenia)

Vjeran Vukašinović – Sun Salutation (Croatia)

Yonca Karakas – Untitled (Turkey)


We congratulate the competition winners, and visual artists and graphic designers who create in Serbia can still apply for an exhibition at the Mikser festival, by participating in the current competition at this link (

See you at Mikser Festival, from May 23 to 25 in Dorćol Platz!