NFT: Blockchain or chaining the blocks


– Did you already transform your cash into Ethereum or are you still mining for Bitcoins in the cryptocurrency mine behind your house?

– Are you keeping your MetaMask wallet under the pillow or hiding it in your sock?

– Not to be Forged: NFT

– Brief history of blockchain: From the blocks of New Belgrade into the whole world

– Dropping or drooping: Beware of smugglers

– Beeple people: Who is who

– Minting the world: From block to block

You can learn all this and much more about crypto art in a hybrid online-offline class between Sumadija and Berlin by the two shakers of the Serbian crypto world: artist and Designer Fiona Sindjelic and curator Denis Leo Hegic.


Denis Leo Hegic / curator, cultural manager, founder of the Museum of Now / Berlin

Fiona Sindjelic/ designer and creative director at Supermarket Lab / Berlin