Mikser Festival 2013. / Transit

The fifth jubilee Miker Festival was held for the second time in the Belgrade district of Savamala, which with its intriguing character and history defines the nature of the festival. The former shopping center of Belgrade, where some of the most beautiful buildings of Balkan architecture of the 20th century were erected, Savamala has been neglected for decades and left to heavy freight traffic. Inspired by the image of Savamala, the Mikser Festival chose TRANZIT as its central theme. The festival is branded by Volker Albus, one of the most important protagonists of the new German design, Slovenian artist and architect Marjetica Potrč, as well as music producer Seymour Stein, the main “culprit” for the popularity of punk, New Wave, and Madonna.

One of the leading programs of the festival is the international platform Ghost Project, a review of design talents that have been intensively contributing to the establishment of dialogue and exchange between designers from countries in the region and the world. One of the panel discussions is dedicated to designing in the former Yugoslavia, then and now – Design interrupted: Bridging the Gap between Yugoslav Industrial and Contemporary Balkan Design.